Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Evenflo Triumph car seat to borrow? Map problems

Does anybody have an Evenflo Triumph car seat that we can borrow for a few months? I was going to buy one, but thought I'd put the feelers out first. This is about the only model that we can use, due to the available space in our vehicles, the angles of the seats in our vehicles, and having only lap belts on the bench seats in our 1990 Aerostar minivan (also making it impossible for Gracie to use a booster seat). I even checked out aftermarket should belts from JC Whitney, but they won't work where I need to put them.
The dream vehicle is a Sienna. For now, the dream seat is a Triumph.

Guest Map Problems: The zoomable guest map is currently having some trouble. This is not something that Webmaster Mike is responsible for; it's somebody else's fault (really!). Maybe the people that host the map are doing server upkeep or something. Anyway, check back later.

Bedside Fan: I think we found what we're looking for online, so we ordered a couple. Also, someone from my school had a couple that I can borrow until the ones we ordered arrived. Thank you, everyone!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neighbor Robert here -

To quote Phil - "shameless plug". Plugging something for you though guys!

P&D were talking (prior to D going in) about rebuilding the fence in their backyard. Anyone interested in giving me a hand with this project for them? I know that I particularly feel useless in many ways in regards to helping out, but this is something we could all chip in on. Please contact me at so we can set up a work party. Be great to finish this before D gets home!

October 19, 2005 1:32 PM  

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