Saturday, July 08, 2017

20 Years Married, Living 12 With Cocci

Last week Denise & I celebrated twenty years of marriage, which started July 5, 1997. And for about the last twelve years, she's been dealing with cocci. We're grateful for another relatively healthy season with no scares of reactivation (the voriconazole continues to do a good job), though there are of course the usual issues with extreme fatigue and other goodies that go along with having Valley Fever. And since the last post, she's had a surgery to follow up on abdominal issues, and an emergency room visit-turned-hospitalization for a kidney stone (9mm, ouch!). She said the pain level was right up there with giving birth.

I and my aunt will skip attending this year's annual conference about Valley Fever. Spring is usually when the Cocci Study Group occurs. But every ten years they hold off until summer and do a much larger event. The 7th International Coccidioidomycosis Symposium at Stanford will hopefully bring good news about advancements in research and treatment.


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