Monday, November 07, 2005

Pointers for Calling & Visiting Denise

Since Denise has been doing so much better during these last three weeks, many of you have asked about visiting her. She'd love it! Here are some pointers for the remainder of the time that she's at USC University Hospital:
  • Denise requests that calls & visits fall between 10am and 8pm. I usually call ahead to see if she'll be available and feeling up for a visit.
  • A short phone call is a great alternative to a visit, as you'll save on drive time, gas, and parking. The phone number to her floor is (323) 442-8780. Ask for Denise Williams in room 753.
  • You can also email Denise to let her know that you care:
  • She sounds a little "out of it" at times, and there are still a couple hoses & bandages here & there. That makes some people uncomfortable. But she's got all her marbles, and she's still Denise even with the needles & tubes. Just talk to her like you always did; you don't have to use overly simplistic language, yell to be heard, whisper to keep her calm, or get close to her face to be seen. She's tired of always having to look up at people, with a blank ceiling as a backdrop for your face. So pull up a chair if you can. If you're really short, you'll probably be a favorite!
  • If you arrive and she's sleeping, please let her rest. Sit in the waiting room for about 20 minutes and check back. She will probably be awake again.
  • She said she's not lonely, so don't feel like you have to stay long to keep her company. Short and long visits are both OK with her. Even if you can only stay for 10 minutes on your lunch break or on the way home from work, she appreciates that you took the time out of your day for her.
  • During your calls & visits, ask her if she'd like to rest. She's said that she's had to play hostess sometimes, when she'd rather be left alone to rest. When you bring up that option to her, that relieves her of the burden of having to end the visit if she's tired. Please don't be offended.Sometimes she's had me leave after just a few minutes, and s he said that she'd rather have me there than anyone (Whew! I was getting jealous of her asking for my aunt, dad, and the "prayer moms"!). :O)
The hospital address is 1500 San Pablo St. Los Angeles, CA 90033. This is NOT the same as the older "County/USC" hospital building. I feel bad for a couple of you that went to the wrong place! So here are directions:
10 freeway
Soto Street exit, go north
Left at Alcazar
Left at San Pablo
Left into big driveway, around the fountain, into the parking structure.


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